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We have designed our lesson plans and our level system with encouragement and a sense of accomplishment in mind. Individual attention from their instructor ensures that your child is always focusing on what is best for them. Our levels reflect that, every new skill is noticed, and each stage of growth is recognized.

We find that our focus on swimming skills has our students “learning to swim in less time”.

Below is a list of all the levels Finan Swim School teaches:

Tiny Tot

Tiny Tot #1

  • Submersion assisted
  • Floats assisted
  • Mouth in bubbles
  • Splash & kicks
tiny tot swimming

Tiny Tot #2

  • Jump in assisted
  • Underwater swim assisted
  • Face in on own
  • Paddle hands
  • Kick on back
  • Back & front floats assisted
Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim #1

  • Face in bubbles
  • Floats on own (back/front)
  • Surface survival 5 seconds
learn to swim

Learn to Swim #2

  • Swim 3m front & back lifts head for breath
  • Jump in on own
  • Front & back floats on own
  • Surface survival 15 seconds
Level 1
Swimming Level 1
  • Swim 5m on front & back begins to turn head for breath (arms in okay)
  • Surface survival 30 sec
  • Introduce side breathing
Swimming Level 1
Level 2
Lessons Level 2
  • Swim 7m front & back improved arms
  • Turns head for breath on front
  • Introduce shallow front dive
  • Surface survival 60 seconds
level 2 swimming lessons
Level 3
Level 3
  • Swim 20m front & back crawl both with arms out, body position almost flat
  • Tread water 30 seconds
  • Shallow front dive
level 3 swimming
Level 4
Level 4
  • 50m front crawl with good head turn
  • 50m back crawl with level body position
  • Introduce whip kick
swimming level 4
Level 5
Level 5
  • 75m front & back crawl with good stroke & breathing
  • Tread water 1 minute
  • Introduce breast stroke
level 5 classes
Level 6
Level 6
  • 75m front & back crawl
  • 50m breast stroke with arm & leg action
  • Two lengths Elementary back
swimming level 6
Level 7
Level 7
  • 200m endurance swim
  • 100m each of front & back crawl, & breast stroke.
  • Introduce butterfly
  • Shallow dive & swim
swimming lessons advanced
Level 8
Level 8
  • 300m endurance swim
  • 150m each of front & back breast & side stroke(near perfect form)
  • 25m butterfly
  • Stride jump entry
level 8 lessons
Level 9 & 10
Level 9 and 10
  • 400m endurance swim
  • 200m each of front & back crawl, side & breast stroke,& Elementary back
  • 25m butterfly
  • Stride jump & head-up swim
  • Drownproof & tread water 5 minutes
levels 9 and 10

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Partial Completion

Partial Completion

Near Completion

Near Completion


Full Completion

At Finan Swim School we believe it is important to consistently recognize our students for their accomplishments during each swimming lesson. This recognition keeps our students motivated and inspired to return for their next lesson! Within each swim level we provide badges as recognition for ‘partial’, ‘near’ and ‘full’ completion at the end of each swimming lesson.