Swimming Lessons

Many families have come to us from programs with a focus on how to be safe around water

At the Finan Swim School our focus is directed towards providing a fun yet challenging program that has them working on their swimming skills

Parent and Tot

Children are accompanied by a parent or guardian as they move to learn basic aquatic skills such as blowing bubbles and moving their body against the resistance of the water. The main objective for these classes is to provide a bonding experience for you and your baby while they become comfortable in the water, while learning the first steps to swimming independently.

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Parent and Tot Swimming Lesson


A Multi Step Program where children are assisted by the instructor for during their turn. With other children in the classes they learn through watching their peers while their instructor tails their class to fit the skills they are capable of. Submerging under the water, front, and back skills are practised

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beginner swimming lesson

Learn to Swim 2 to Level 3

Can your child swim unassisted by the instructor on their front and back, but their technique isn’t quite there yet? These classes are for them! This program is suited for children that are confident in the water but need a little direction to master their front and back skills.

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Swim Level 2 and 3

Advanced, Level 4+

Children have mastered their front and back skills, they are learning more strokes while working towards building up their endurance in the water. Treading water, diving, and learning more on how to properly propel themselves through the water are practised in these levels.

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kids advanced swimming lessons

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